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Enhance Your Contact System with Yunmai Business Card Recognition Application

Le 25 November 2015, 09:14 dans Humeurs 0

With the development of economy, more and more people are aware of the important of contact system. A lot of people like to promote themselves in order to build their good careers. Salesmen and some service staff want more contacts for their business. So business card exchange becomes frequent in most people’s life.

Have you well stored your business cards? Actually, save the cards in your mobile phone is a good method, it makes you instantly and conveniently access the contacts. Some people do not do like this because they feel boring to enter card information into their phone, they put the business cards in somewhere else, so that they always loss their contacts.

Business cards management is very important in contacts maintenance. You don’t know which person is helpful for your career, if you lost one of them, maybe you will loss a good opportunity.

Now I recommend you a good method to conveniently add business card information into you cellphone address book. Yunmai Business Card Recognition application is the assistant that is able to help you fast enter contact information.

You can go to mobile application stores to download the Yunmai BCR application and then install it into your mobile phone. When you receive a business card, you can take out your phone and open the software, and then use phone camera to capture the card, the OCR SDK book. The recognition accuracy rate is pretty high, further more, the software can efficiently process entering a great quantity of business cards with the multiple capturing feature.

Yunmai Business Card Recognition supports cloud backup, user just need a simply tap, the contact information will be synchronized to cloud server. The data can be accessed through any devices with internet, and users no longer worry about losing contacts. If the user wish to share contacts with friends, he can use the contact sharing feature to easily do that.

Now information technology is popular in people’s life, Yunmai Business Card Recognition application is an excellent business card management software, would you like to try it now?

Yunmai OCR Make Online Insurance Easier

Le 26 October 2015, 09:19 dans Humeurs 0

With the rapid development of economic and internet technology, most of companies apply information technology to improve product competitive, as well as use internet to expand their business. In order to obtain more users, optimizing product and improving user’s experience become important for majority of enterprises, such as insurance company.

Now a lot of people like to purchase insurance through internet because of its convenient process. In the insurance industry, almost all company support this method. If an insurance company want to become a winner in the internet marketing, the online selling platform’s user experience is very important. Regarding this issue, I want to let you know that Yunmai OCR technology will help them solve the problem.

Online insurance is different with on site purchase, the customer must fill in their identify information by himself, such as name, residency, citizen ID card number, etc. Furthermore, the car insurance customer also need to provide vehicle registration information. Normally, all the insurance categories need to bind a bank card. So an insurance buyer need to submit a lot of information for the process.

If applying Yunmai OCR technology to insurance company’s web platform or mobile application, integrating their system with citizen ID card recognition SDK, vehicle registration SDK, banking card recognition SDK, etc. The buyers will feel convenient on insurance purchase. Because the OCR technology will fast extract the letter and number and then save the information to the system. Users just need to use mobile camera or webcam to scan ID card or vehicle registration, or import the existing captured image, the form will be automatically filled out. As well as using this method to bind a banking card.

With the application of Yunmai OCR SDK, the insurance company will improve user experience for their online selling platform, and enhance its competitive on insurance marketing. Now the efficiency is important for every person, the OCR technology bring simple, convenient and fast in most of transactions, and help enterprises improve their product’s user experience so as to gain more customers.

Develop an Application to Extract Text from Screenshot with Document OCR SDK

Le 17 September 2015, 09:07 dans Humeurs 0

OCR SDK, optical character recognition software development kit, can help developers integrate the OCR technology into their software to develop products they need. This powerful SDK enables scanned documents and images to be transformed into searchable and editable document formats. The OCR SDK can be integrated into mobile application or PC software.

Have you thought about developing an application or a software to read screenshot? When reading books or browsing social networking sites on mobile phones, people may find something that they are interested in and they want to keep it into their mobile. Capturing the screen with the screenshot icon and saving it so that they could make use of it in the future.

Yunmai Technology Company, a professional developer of Optical Character Recognition SDK, has become one of the best mobile OCR technology developers in the industry. It develops Business Card Recognition SDK, Document Recognition SDK, Banking Card Recognition SDK and Chinese Citizen ID Card Recognition SDK. They have been applied by a lot of industries, including telecom companies, social networks, mobile phone manufacturers and more.

By integrating Yunmai Document OCR SDK, your application is able to extract text from screenshot, extract texts within them and create editable documents. People just need to import screenshot, then the application will automatically scan and retrieve texts from them. They can edit and save the recognition results, then convert them as searchable formats, such as PDF, Word, Text. By entering few keywords, they can search for any documents they want at all time. When writing a report or an E-mail, they can easily insert the useful information into them. Besides, they can also search for the original screenshot by entering keywords.

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